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About Raw Fitness

Raw Fitness BC is a creation of keeping fit, eating great and using raw resources to do so.  Whether its grass fed food to using the great outdoors for your workout.  Raw Fitness BC is all about natural living from the inside out.  Fit, healthy, strong and happy.

Raw Fitness BC was created by Michelle Chapman.  Her personal journey began in 2007 in a very unfit state, weighing in at 220lbs with  approximately 30% body fat.  She says, “I was 40 years old it was time to change as I now see it a shift. A shift in the way I look at life,the way I eat and the way I workout and move my body into fitness.  Along the way ALL I kept focused on was my “why” not how many pounds I will lose but the end result I wanted and that was to be fit and healthy.

I took on this journey to create a beginning, a beginning to the rest of my life!” Now I can share this knowledge with other women and I LOVE IT!

Come meet Michelle and join her for a workout.  Consultation is free along with inspiration and support.

What you can expect from RAW FITNESS BC class:

  • 4 weeks of camp. 3 days a week of intense, challenging, and fun group exercise
  • Time friendly. Only 45 – 60 minutes per class
  • Specifically designed workouts that can accommodate a wide variety of fitness levels
  • Equipment that challenges all the muscles of the body. Dumbbells, sandbags, flexbands, medicine balls, bodyweight, heavy bags, ropes, tires,sledgehammers, sleds AND MORE!
  • All facets of fitness included in each class. Fat loss, strength, flexibility, conditioning, power, endurance, muscle tone
  • Full body, interval type training. The absolute best for weight loss, fat loss and strength gains
  • Weekly nutrition tips and hand outs to help expedite your weight loss & fat loss goals
  • Receive even greater results when used in conjunction with the premier weight management program,  

  • Restore functional movement patterns and correct posture
  • Look better naked
  • Enjoy meeting new people, make new friends, with similar goals as you!
  • Fun, cooperative, team-like atmosphere, camaraderie atmosphere!
  • Not a military style fitness bootcamp. We will not yell at you. Laid back feeling, conducive to constant progress
  • Fitness games included. You won’t even know you’re working out
  • Gain more energy, confidence, self-esteem
  • You never know what to expect. Each day is different. Just show up and expect to have a great, fun, challenging fitness workout
  • Get into bathing suit shape– and stay that way
  • Fit into your skinny jeans again
  • Notch up your belt buckle 1 or 2 more rungs
  • Sessions run 4 weeks on with 1 week off throughout the year so there is no plateaus
  • Enhance all aspects of your life! Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • Costs just a fraction of what you would pay for one on one personal training
  • Your instructor (Michelle) is a certified fitness professional that guarantees results!
  • Train SMART Train HARD!
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  1. Melody permalink
    August 4, 2011 4:54 pm

    Love the new look Michelle

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