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Raw Fitter ~ Tracy Taylor

July 16, 2011

February RAW Fitter of the month is : Tracy Taylor


  Age: 45

 Inches lost: It’s not about that for me! (however she has lost inches!)  

Date started with Raw Fitness: September 2010

 Biggest accomplishment(s) so far : My balance and technique has improved along with gaining strength & stamina.

As an aside, I am finally doing something (not just talking about it) to ultimately change my life and habits around smoking and I feel so much better already.  I still have work to do, but I am not losing track or sight of this goal .

 Your WHY? for doing this : My WHY for joining Raw Fitness training was to get fit, healthy, feel better, to get that endorphin high feeling and hopefully tone my body ( I wrote that down when I first started)

 How it makes you feel vs. before you started (benefits what have you noticed about yourself): I have more energy, feel stronger and get better sleep.  I also have set other goals that I want to accomplish from my “bucket list” such as hiking the Grouse Grind.

 Your recommendation for Raw Fitness training: Have fun while doing something that is good for you!

 Favourite exercise(s): I have to say I like using the big rope either whipping it up and down (great cardio boost) or pulling on it with resistance, but mainly I like the variety; it’s never the same, never boring!

 What Are Tracy Comrades saying:

“Tracy is committed to her health!”

“Tracy puts in 100% at class and she’s committed herself at home, including cutting down on her smoking — I know as an ex-smoker how hard that is!!!!”

“Tracy always puts 110% effort into every exercise… she is always smiling and to me she is just glowing.  I see a smile on her face that I haven’t seen in years.  She has come to all the week off walks and never ever complains.   I am proud of her for taking the challenge to quit smoking and applaud all her efforts…”

 I’m proud of ALL your accomplishments Tracy from us working on your balance to your readiness to choose to quit smoking!

I see a committment from you and I KNOW you will accomplish everything from your “bucket” list, all because you have the drive to do so 🙂

Will see you on the Grouse Grind this Summer Tracy!! woooohoooo!


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