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Raw Fitter ~ Shelley Skucas

July 16, 2011

October’s RAW Fitter of the month is: Shelley Skucas (before and after pictures-wow!)

Age: Very young (around 40)

Weight lost: 35 pounds

First workout with Michelle: Jan 16, 2010

Biggest accomplishment as a Raw Fitter:  able to do several full push ups, 2 minute plank and 21 laps around MRSS track!!!

Favorite exercises: Ninja get ups, triceps dips and shhh don’t tell Michelle…but full burpees  🙂

What is your “Why?”:   “Well at the age of 40+ here I was, both parents recently passed away due to Cancer brought on by unhealthy lifestyles as well as a couple of other close family members.  I was having a majority of health problems that involved a lot of medical testing. I didn’t want to suffer the same fate as my parents did.  I wanted to be around to dance with my husband at our daughters wedding.  She is only 7 and she is going to need me, so I decided it was time to take control and make a change.”

Health status before Raw Fitness:    “I couldn’t go up the stairs without huffing and puffing.  I was always feeling tired and I felt like a slug , all I could do was watch my daughter play. Now, I am able to initiate the play and I can keep up with her and sometimes I can even last longer.   I feel “alive” now and full of energy! I sleep better and I am overall a much  more calm and relaxed individual.”

Why Raw Fitness and training with Michelle works?:    “I have tried every type of workout and diet plan you can think of ….  Nothing that I tried  seemed to do come with any results. My weight kept increasing and my health kept deteriorating despite all that I was trying.  Then, I  tried Michelle’s classes.  She has to be the most inspirational and motivational person that I know.  Her classes are never boring, they are fun and challenging.  I do everything I can, not to miss them.   Thanks to her coaching, I believe that everything is possible if you put the effort and time into it.  Michelle’s exercises along with her health and nutritional guidance resulted in the most amazing results. I am now the fittest I have been in over 10 years!!”


Keep up the great work Shelley – you are truly amazing and inspiring! ~Michelle

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