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Raw Fitter ~ Laura Evans

July 16, 2011


March RAW Fitter of the month: Laura Evans


Date started with RAW fitness: November 22nd 2010

Inches lost:
11″  WOOHOO!!!

Age: 40 and lovin’ it

Laura… Before picture she shared with me; “in this picture I was on the ground unable to get up properly and with a cigarette!” Laura is happily smoke free!!!

Biggest accomplishment(s) so far : I CAN DO Pushups!!!!

Your WHY? : There’s many levels of whys for doing this, but heres the Top Two:

#1. I felt I need to be healthy and strong to take on what I have
in store for life next.
#2. I’m sick of putting on clothes and not liking the way I looked.
I’d change 5 times and settle for the “Best Buldge Disguising” outfit.

I’d never been a vain or judgmental person. But I’ve wasted more time
looking at and judging myself and others since I got fat than I’d ever
spent in my life. I’M DONE! I just want to put on whatever I
want,smile at myself in the mirror and go! I’d rather spend my time
getting the body I want than being miserable about the one I have.

Everyday tasks are not so hard. I’m amazed at how much lighter
things feel.

Your recommendation for Raw Fitness training: NEVER STOP!!!!

Favourite exercise(s):
Bear crawl! It let’s me act like a kid again with out people saying…”What’s that crazy lady doing on the ground?”

What Are Laura’s Comrades saying:

“Laura gives it her all at every class. She works quietly, while always determined and focused to complete all exercises no matter how hard or tiring. Her moves are always performed with grace and style (how do you bend like that) She always wears the biggest brightest smile and always supports and encourages me and the rest of the group. You ROCK Laura – thanks for helping me attempt those mean get ups, you make them look so easy.”

“Her bubbly personality, she is positive in the face of the storm.  She inspires me to do better in any of the exercises that are put forth by my lovely trainer Michelle.”

Thank you Laura!

“She kicks ass in class…”

 Laura, your accomplishments are an eptiamy of your hard work!! You have a strong dedication to your workouts and it shows UP in class! YOU ARE living into the body of your dreams, JUST keep up what you are doing! Woooohoooo!


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