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Raw fitter ~ Chrystelle Duranton

July 16, 2011

January RAW Fitter of the month is: Chrystelle Duranton


Age: 37

Weight loss: 5KG

Inches lost: Went from a size 10 to a 7

Date started with Raw Fitness: I started the first of May 2010 until september then had a 2 months break that drove me crazy before resuming an even better session in November!!The new version of  Michelle’s classes was more reflecting her personality and the workouts really reflect what I am looking for: being outside, working on my strength, mobility, balance and having loud laughters with the girls!

Biggest accomplishment(s) so far: I can proudly say I am able to sprint uphill and reach the top each time with satisfaction, hike Mike lake and jump at the top, do monkey bars with my son, follow Jacques on a hike and carry heavy backpack! My quadriceps look like what they were when I was 17 and used to sprint a lot, my core is hard and I feel my abs have strengthened to support my back. My upper body is robust. I changed my diet to Paleo (with bits of dark organic chocolate though 🙂 and my body fat is slowly reducing, but overall I am very happy with myself!

Your WHY? for doing this : I want to feel again the sensations I had when I was younger: being able to run 10km, sprint 50m, 80m, hike any summit, carry heavy boxes (we moved 17 times by ourselves in 20 years!!), being able to renovate my future old stone house and other physical activities I love to do for fun: swimming, snorkeling and dive and I want to be able to trek, hike, swim, run, jump, climb anytime I want and for a long time with my hubby and probably with my little boy in the future. I know what I can do, I want to be able to build a body that I will take care of for the future and hence FEEL ALIVE!!

How it makes you feel vs. before you started (benefits): Like I just said: I FEEL ALIVE! A healthy body was given to me which always allowed me to move, jump, climb, bend down, lift, pull… globally to work. I’d love to live in the countryside: I want to live old on a farm, with horses, goats, hens, ducks, cats and dogs; I plan to retire and cultivate my own vegetables, and have my own organic eggs and free range poultry like my grand-parents. They all live up to a minimum of 85 years and my great grand mother died at 99 and 6 months! They were active, ate loads of paleo food and little grains and had a difficult but healthy lifestyle.

Any workout is a benefit to your health but none I did before got me as strong and relaxed as I am now. IT’s 100% benefits for the mood and the body!!

Your recommendation for Raw Fitness training: Before I had the chance to meet Michelle and talk to her about her vision of metabolic training, I used to feel heavy, stuck, fat (although people said I was not that fat I felt I weighed a ton) , I felt like I was rusty and old 😦  Now I can tell 6 months changed my life, my anxiety level is going down, I am better with my depression management and my body seems to say thank you for doing this!
Thanks Michelle your are a guru to me.
 Favourite exercise(s): Actually the ones that seem the harder for me are the ones I love the most.
What’s the point in getting better at something you already can do when you can get twice as much satisfaction at being able to do something you really suck at!
I love burpees, YEAYYYY!! like my excellent training buddy Shelley, I enjoy sledge hammering, my core enjoys it a lot, I also love push-ups because it requires a lot of strength for me and hope to be able to do 5 chin-ups when summer comes.

Chrystelle! You just ROCK! your enthusiasm goes a long way;  your enthusiasm for life, towards your workouts and towards your RAW fit comrades is beautiful 🙂

I know you have some goals for this summer and I’m looking forward to you meeting them! I KNOW YOU WILL!


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