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Week off Challenge!!

February 26, 2011

Simple and Sweet! O.k. i will let you be the judge of that 🙂

I LOVE THE FULL BODY PUSH – UP! I feel strong when I can perform with great form, you can measure your progress from the modified P/U to the advanced to different styles of P/U’s

So this weeks challenge is ALL about the Push UP, ENJOY!

  • The One Minute Pushup.
    You’ll need a parter with a stopwatch or a watch
    with an automatic timer.Begin at the “top” pushup position and the clock
    starts just as soon as you unlock your elbows.
    The goal here is to take one minute to go from that
    position to your chest on the floor. — it’s a
    lot tougher than you think – try it!
    You can also try 30 seconds down and 30 seconds up
    but don’t expect to get too many of these.
    This might be a good one to use as a “finisher.”! 🙂


  • Beginners you can still use a wall, counter or start on your knees
  • KEEP YOUR FORM, nice and tight in the core, head looking straight, NO SNAKING your P/U
  • We love our finishers!
  • Post your experience on this Challenge!

Go here to read about the value of a Push Up!

OH! P.S. Still continue the other challenges also!!!!  😉  Challenge your family, SHOW them what you are now made of woooohoooo!

Next Session:

March 7th – April1st

See you then!

Your Coach,


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