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Week off Challenge!

November 12, 2010

This weeks challenge (to keep you moving and practicing):

  • While watching your favorite T.V. show, take the time during the 2min commercial break to do a body weight workout! Unless of course you enjoy the commercials 🙂 BUT even if you do, still do the challenge!
  • You can do a 30x 4
  • You can do reps
  • IDEAS:
  1. Wall P/U – reg P/U – Inverted P/U
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Full sit ups
  4. Air squats
  5. Plie Squats
  6. Challenge your plank Go for the whole commercial break!
  7. Mountain climbers
  8. High knees
  9. Lunges
  10. Wall sits
  • Challenge your family to join IN! Even the little ones
  • Have FUN with it
  • Would love to hear how it goes for you, leave a reply 🙂

See YOU all on the 22nd, new class, new workouts , new challenges!!

Your coach,


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