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Tightening Your Torso

September 25, 2010

Torso stabilization is the process of tightening the “core” muscles around your spine to protect you from injury during lifting, pushing or pulling movements.

It can help in everyday movements at home, the office or even going for a run!The core muscles are grouped into two units: the inner core and the outer core.  Both units need to contract in a co-ordinated manner to provide maximum protection an dperformance.

Torso stabilization is essential since the spine acts as the body’s anchor from which all other muscles pull in order to effectively function.

Think of the core as creating a cylinder like squeeze around your spine.

As you contract this cylinder, all sides of the muscular walls close in together to enhance the compression force and support of your spine.

How to Stabilize your Torso (CORE):

1.) Abdominals – contract them as if preparing for a punch to the stomach

2.)  Diaphragm – a quick inhalation through the nose to below the navel

3.) Spinal Muscles – imagine you are stopping urination mid flow

4.)  Glutes – try to lift them slightly

5.)  Exhaling – purch your lips as if you have a straw in your mouth but instead of inhaling,  make a hissing sound, breathing out for as long as you can and let the stomach go in towards the back/spine.   Breath in through your nose and repeat.  Great to do while driving or to relax in a stressful situation.

Keeping the torso tight is an all around benefit and this is why Michelle often yells out in class “watch your core” – this is what Raw Fitness is all about – train smart, train hard.

Call Michelle @ 778-241-3814

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