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Rock Your CORE & Get Ab-excellent!

September 25, 2010

Having a rock solid core is more than just eating right and doing a few sit ups. 

Sporting a nice mid section also isn’t just for sex appeal – its for major health appeal too!

Sure you look great on the beach but there are many other reasons why Core Excercises are so good for you and your abs?

Your core is more than your abdominal muscles.  Sure they play an integral role in your core strength, however, without your back muscles, your abdominals would not be able to do the job.

Your core muscles are your power house of strength.  They help you stand, sit, reach, turn, roll over in bed, reach for things and help in just about every movement you make involves your core muscles – they are essential.  And the better shape they are in, the better off you are overall.

Here are some reasons why you should rock your core!

1.  Your core muscles reduce your risk for injury.  Back injuries are amongst the most common injuries

2.  Core strength improves your ability to perform day to day functions

3.  Core strength gives you improved posture and helps you stand up tall so your abdominals look longer and leaner

4.  Good solid core muscles help you get more out of your workouts becuase your form is better

5.  AND core strength boosts your metabolism which helps you burn fat all day long

To build good, strong, core muscles that will not only look great but feel great too, it is time to check out Raw Fitness BC with Michelle Chapman

Call today for a one on one consultation.  778-241-3814

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