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Goal Setting – 3 Things You Need to Ask Yourself

September 24, 2010

When it comes to setting goals about fitness, it is important to be very specific about your goals. 

Take some time, sit down, and really think about what it is you want to improve about your overall fitness level or your body.

Here are some great ways to get started!

Answer the following questions and date them.  Be sure to review your goals often and adjust them as needed.

1.  List 3 things you would like to improve in your fitness.  This can be anything including to be stronger, faster, have ability to play a sport better and longer than before etc.

2.  List 3 things you would like to improve about your body – be honest with yourself.

3.  Now, write down how your life will change once you achieve these goals

Focus on the end result and not the problem!  Example – say “I am working towards being in the best shape of my life and already feel great” instead of “my problem is…”

Good luck and always consult with your doctor about what fitness routine is best for you!  Michelle Chapman 778-241-3814

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